Insights into the FWC’s Upcoming Patient Education Forum with Patient Advocate Rachel Miller Garcia

Rachel Miller Garcia, Patient Advocate

The Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) is gearing up for the 2024 Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer, at which the Foundation for Women’s Cancer will host the annual Patient Education Forum. This forum promises to be an enlightening event for survivors, advocates, and medical professionals alike. Speakers will share medical insights, novel research developments, and groundbreaking trends in gynecologic cancer treatment. 

We had a chance to talk with Rachel Miller Garcia, ovarian cancer survivor and patient advocate, who is lending her voice and experiences to the planning of the Forum. “So far, so good,” Rachel says of the planning process. “I’m happy to be working with a smart, informed team of doctors and advocates wanting to share some amazing new developments and trends in our disease categories.” 

Participants attending the forum can anticipate gaining valuable insights into various aspects of gynecologic cancer care that will directly impact patients such as new treatments and emerging trends in genetic testing and personalized medicine. Equally important, attendees can look forward to connecting with a community that shares similar experiences and holds the FWC cause close to their hearts. 

Rachel’s passion and commitment to fighting against gynecologic cancers is fueled by a personal journey with stage 2B ovarian cancer. Originally diagnosed in 2018, she now serves as an active patient advocate for organizations like SGO, OCRA, and FWC. “Turning pain into purpose or lemons to lemonade has been my goal and focus,” she shares. “I’ve become a patient advisor, advocate, and navigator, working directly with patients upon diagnosis. These diseases are deadly, but working closely with patients is very rewarding.” 

Events like the FWC’s upcoming forum are important to Rachel, as they provide an opportunity for her to meet and connect with other patient advocates. This platform allows survivors to share experiences and draw strength from one another, ultimately fostering a sense of community and hope among those affected by gynecologic cancers. 

Rachel’s panel at the upcoming forum packs a powerhouse of speakers prepared to educate and inspire. Register here for an event you don’t want to miss!