Supporting gynecologic cancer research is a core mission of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC). To date, more than $10 million has been awarded through 254 grants and awards, including research grants, training grants, research prizes and career development awards. In almost every instance, a committed and caring family made the funding for this research possible.

The bulk of the research funding has been awarded to young investigators—individuals just beginning the long path to become physician-scientists. In most cases, this was their first funded research project. These individuals are crucial to advancing science at the bedside as discovery continues to provide improved options and outcomes for women diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer.

Of the young investigators receiving a research award, over 94 percent reached their goal to become physician-scientists. As a group they used their initial, relatively small, grants from the FWC to attract additional funding for their initial research premise that resulted in a 24-fold return on the initial funding investment.

As this extremely successful program continues, the FWC seeks to vastly expand its research portfolio to include multi-year grants, funding for more established investigators—often in a mentorship role—and inclusive of all gynecologic cancers. Additional research and training opportunities illustrate the hope that increased funding can bring to these diseases unique to the female reproductive system.

If you’re interested in helping us fund the critical research that’s being done, please contact Holy Gibout, Chief Development Officer, at or 312-676-3912.

Unless specifically stated in previously agreed upon sponsor agreements, all research grants are assessed a 10 percent grant administration fee for indirect costs necessary to fulfill the legal, contractual and programmatic aspects of grant execution and deliverables.