Find a Clinical Trial

There are several ways to find a clinical trial. First, ask your physician if there are clinical trials at your hospital or cancer center that you could participate in. Second, go online. All clinical trials conducted in the United States are required to register at A more user-friendly site to search for clinical trials is EmergingMed. You can view trials based on your diagnosis or answer a short questionnaire to narrow the search results to those trials that most closely match your needs.

Additional Resources

Hoosier Cancer Research Network

Don’t forget that some cancers have several names and you may need to search for all of them individually. For example, uterine cancer may also be listed as endometrial cancer or uterine corpus cancer. is the master list of all clinical trials and the source for most online clinical trial matching services. However, this website is often out of date. Studies that have closed may still be listed as open and sites that are listed may no longer by participating. This can result in some frustration.

Take your time. Make a list. Ask your doctor. You can also request a call from a Clinical Trial Navigators at EmergingMed, who will help you identify trials for which you may qualify and can help contact the clinical trials sites.

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