Foundation for Women’s Cancer Commemorates Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month with Vital Educational Outreach and Resourceful Toolkit

August 29, 2023

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) recognizes September as Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month annually, and this year is sharing an array of impactful resources aimed at raising awareness about gynecologic cancers and promoting education. FWC provides free educational materials and informative trainings and webinars year-round, and this month will be featuring new and existing resources for those at risk to develop gyn cancer, as well as gyn cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, and health care professionals.

Gynecologic cancers, including cervical, ovarian, uterine/endometrial, vaginal, and vulvar cancers, affect thousands worldwide each year. Despite the prevalence of these cancers, awareness and early detection remain crucial in ensuring optimal outcomes for patients. FWC’s Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month outreach is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their health and advocate for better care for themselves and their community.

Key FWC Resources:

Educational Materials: FWC offers a wide range of free educational materials, including informational brochures, fact sheets, guides, and online resources. These materials cover topics such as risk factors, symptoms, screening guidelines, treatment options, and survivorship, ensuring that people can become well-informed about gynecologic cancers.

Trainings and Webinars: FWC offers both in-person and virtual educational courses and webinars led by renowned healthcare providers and patient advocates. These sessions delve into various aspects of gynecologic cancers, from the latest advancements in prevention and treatment to psychosocial support for patients and caregivers. Don’t miss this year’s new on-demand session on caregiving.

Toolkit for Engagement: FWC’s comprehensive GCAM toolkit is available as a downloadable pdf or a webpage, and is a valuable resource for individuals and organizations looking to make a meaningful impact during Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. The toolkit includes ready-to-use posters, sample social media posts, event planning guides, and tips for effective media engagement. By providing these resources, FWC aims to facilitate conversations that drive awareness and understanding of gynecologic cancers.

Key Facts about Gynecologic Cancers:

Cervical cancer: Cervical cancer is largely preventable through regular Pap smears and HPV vaccination. Increased awareness of these preventive measures can significantly reduce the incidence of this cancer.

Ovarian cancer: Often referred to as the “silent killer,” ovarian cancer is the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers. Early symptoms are subtle and easily mistaken for other issues, making awareness and early detection paramount.

Uterine cancer: Uterine cancer is the most common gynecologic cancer, with obesity and hormone imbalances being notable risk factors. Understanding these risk factors can help women make informed lifestyle choices.

Vaginal and vulvar cancers: While less common than other gynecologic cancers, early detection is still vital for positive outcomes. Knowledge about potential symptoms and regular check-ups are crucial.

As Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month unfolds, the Foundation for Women’s Cancer remains steadfast in its commitment to eradicating misconceptions and elevating the dialogue surrounding gynecologic cancers. By providing accessible educational materials, dynamic training opportunities, and versatile toolkits, FWC strives to empower individuals, healthcare professionals, and advocates.

To engage with an FWC spokesperson – including a patient advocate, caregiver, gynecologic oncology health care provider, or staff person – please contact Elizabeth Kix, MPH, APR, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, at