Stephanie Rieder, MD, PhD, Uses FWC Research Funding to Develop a Screening Tool That Better Identifies Patient Needs

Stephanie Rieder, MD, PhD, of University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, is the recent recipient of an NCI career development grant as a result of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer Diversity and Inclusion Health Equity Research Grant awarded to her in 2021. Using preliminary data collected, Dr. Rieder’s research team has developed a novel screening tool that they hope will more accurately identify gynecologic cancer patients’ needs at multiple levels and develop new methods of supporting patients as they go through cancer care. Their next steps are to evaluate how patient’s resources, social support systems, and emotional well-being change throughout the cancer course and how these factors impact cancer outcomes. “I truly appreciate the Foundation for Women’s Cancer award and their support,” she said. “The funding I received for this exploratory project laid the groundwork for several additional projects and has been a vital part of working towards my goal of becoming an independent investigator in gynecologic oncology. I admire the Foundation’s commitment to centering patient voices and supporting research that represents the promotion of patient-centered care.”