Seeking Endometrial Cancer Survivors For New Study On Quality Of Life

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer and the Society for Gynecologic Cancer (SGO) is excited to announce a new study called PROMOTE (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Opportunities through Equity). PROMOTE asks endometrial cancer survivors their opinion on their quality of life and any symptoms from endometrial cancer and/or its treatment.

Historically, this knowledge around a patient’s experience of their cancer and its treatment was gathered via a survey. However, this survey was developed in populations that were not very diverse.

We hope PROMOTE can potentially improve upon a clinically meaningful survey that impacts how doctors treat patients and reflects the symptoms and concerns identified as most important by diverse women who have had endometrial cancer within the past 2 years.

This study will involve 1 or 2 telephone or virtual interviews and an online survey. Participants can earn up to $250 for their time and participation.

If you are over 18 years of age and were diagnosed with endometrial cancer in the past 2 years, then visit this link or call 224-521-0681 for more information!