Researcher Feature: Lakeisha Mulugeta-Gordon, MD

Lakeisha Mulugeta Gordon, MD, of University of Pennsylvania, is the FWC 2023-2024 recipient of The Harold and Barbara Rosenbaum Family Foundation Cervical Cancer Diversity in Prevention and Clinical Research Grant.

In this video, Dr. Gordon shares how she envisions her research influencing gynecologic oncology clinics’ access to support services and patient empowerment initiatives, addressing patients’ emotional and psychological needs, and other ways her research could be impactful.

“I’m really hoping to produce narratives and create a collection of stories from patients with cervical cancer in hopes that we can somehow disseminate those stories to help patients that have a new diagnosis of cervical cancer—they can have access to them as a way of healing and finding a sense of belonging with a really tough diagnosis,” Dr. Gordon said.