Jeanne happily reported that the women’s team won the relay race!Jeanne Lappin, Associate Program Manager at United States Pharmacopeia (USP), and her colleagues formed two teams for the 2018 Waterman’s Half Iron Triathlon Relay on Sept. 29 in Rock Hall, MD and raised $10,650 to benefit the Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC).

“My sister suffers from a very rare women’s cancer and my sister-in-law died of ovarian cancer a couple years ago, so I was interested in supporting women’s cancers,” wrote Jeanne.

This was Jeanne’s third half iron triathlon fundraiser and what started as creating an all-female team for this year’s triathlon relay turned into a friendly competition between genders—the two USP teams were made up of three men and three women.

“We thought the guys vs. gals angle would generate interest and energy at USP, so we played that up,” wrote Jeanne. “Plus, doing the math gave the gals strong conviction of our chances to win!”

Supporters were encouraged to vote for the team they thought would win—the winning team and its voters were promised a banana split party scooped by the losing team as an incentive. Free T-shirts were also provided for all contributions over $75—donated by The Original Print Shop out of Fremont, MI.

Jeanne happily reported that the women’s team won the relay race!

The FWC would like to thank Jeanne and the five other participants from USP for their fitness and fundraising efforts: Stan Burhans, Chief Financial Officer; Susan de Mars, Chief Legal Officer; Kevin Carrick, Director of Biologics; Andrea Spriggs, Senior Project Coordinator; and Ron Piervincenzi, Chief Executive Officer.

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