After hearing about her godmother’s diagnosis of uterine cancer, eight-year-old Ellie Curtis wanted to lend a helping hand.

Quickly the third grader researched nonprofit organizations that focused on uterine cancer and stumbled upon the Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC). With help from her mother, Jessica Curtis, Ellie decided to host a “traveling” bake sale with chocolate chip cookies, Oreo balls and brownies with all the proceeds to be donated to the FWC.

Ellie said she decided to host a bake sale fundraiser this February because she was, “a little hungry at the time.” In preparation for the bake sale, Ellie created a promotional flier, decided on the recipes and made the cookies with a little help from her mother. The mother and daughter duo delivered the goodies to family and friends who ordered from the flier. Her bake sale raised about $200 for the FWC.

The bake sale was also part of a project for Ellie’s gifted class at Lakeview Fundamental Elementary School in St. Petersburg, FL. Her teachers, Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. Griffin, asked students to think of something that will have a positive impact on the world and something they are passionate about.

Ellie is very passionate about the Foundation’s mission because it is so close to her heart. Her favorite part of the bake sale fundraiser was telling her godmother, Carol, about the money she raised for the sale.

“I want the FWC to do as much research as possible to end women’s cancer,” Ellie said.

Next year, Ellie said she plans to host the bake sale again with her older brother and her mother. “I still want to help other people,” Ellie said. “I want to make sure that other people are healthy besides me.”